Hello, I am in advertising/media business for 15 years. My specialty is prepress and image retouching. I have walked all the way from bookbinding to hi-end retouch and prepress. My work background begins from small advertising agency and up to now I work 8 years for one of the biggest publishing houses in the country, which publishes several worldwide known lifestyle, fashion and architecture magazines. My job responsibilities are, but not limited to:  

  • Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Lightroom and etc. publishing software skills,
  • Expert level of retouching, color matching, masking & compositing techniques for print and web, up to date technical knowledge for digital retouching,
  • Retouching fashion, architecture, high-end/luxury products, skin&hair and so on,
  • Expert knowledge of photography and print production processes,
  • Postscript file generation, print pdf preflight and correction,
  • Color management knowledge - strong knowledge of color theory and RGB, CMYK color spaces, including hardware monitor calibration,
  • Maintain production of a high volume under very tight deadlines.


Services I offer:

  • Image retouching - fashion, beauty, architecture, still life for catalogues, magazines, web,
  • Image restoration - old family pictures, damaged valuable photos etc.,
  • All kind of image manipulations - masking, clipping paths, portrait enhancements, "digital surgery" etc,
  • Prepress and print pdf generation of outsourced issues,
  • Layout of all kind of print&web issues, possibility for design,
  • Outsourcing.